Man Stops Car in Middle of Highway to Eat Taco Bell

Eating fast food can be distracting, especially when the enticing aromas can become too much. A man had to physically stop his car in the middle of a highway in order to eat his food from Taco Bell.

The Cincinnati Police Department was called to the northbound lanes of I-75 near the Village of Elmwood Place just before 1 a.m. when a man suddenly stopped in the middle of the highway. After stopping his vehicle, the man left his car to head for the highway’s shoulder to chow down on his meal.

Authorities reported that the man stayed there for 15 minutes until they arrived. Officers arrived to find the man, identified as Gregory Powell, eating food from Taco Bell and smelling of alcohol sitting on the side of the road.

When police asked the reason why the 53-year-old stopped his car, Powell said that he was worried for his daughter. He now faces a DUI charge for the incident.