Man Struck by Lightning While Playing Video Games


Mother nature can work in mysterious ways. With lightning strikes, you really never know when and where they’re going to hit during a storm. A man playing video games was actually hit by a bolt of lightning and has been left with scars on his arm.

Aidan Rowan was using his PlayStation when he heard a loud crack followed by a heavy sensation in his body. The 33-year-old keeled over at home so the only logical thing for his husband, Aaron, to do was to take him to the hospital.

“There was a very loud crack of thunder and I sort of felt a very heavy sensation all over and then a searing heat in my right arm where there are now burns. It took about a minute to come back to my senses, I felt very, very confused. I went upstairs and asked my husband for a wet towel as I didn’t know what had happened but my arm was burning,” Rowan said.

He added: “He asked what that smell was and it was me burning. He then called his parents to take me to the hospital. He said he could see my arm blistering as he watched.”

The doctors believed the lightning had bounced off the water and through the window after hot weather had made the ground hard causing rainwater to sit on top.

Thankfully, Rowan wasn’t seriously injured after being struck by lightning besides a series of scars on his left arm and a burn on his right hand. At first, his heart rate was erratic, which is normal after such an experience. He was kept under supervision at the hospital for a few hours before being discharged with some pain medication.

At the time he was struck by lightning, Rowan was playing the game Stray, which is where you control a lost car during a thunderstorm. A random coincidence or a sign of things to come?


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