Man Suctions 10 Cans to Head for Guinness World Record


There’s weird and then there’s sticking 10 cans to your head weird. Having unusual skin suction has helped a Wisconsin man recapture a Guinness World Record by sticking 10 cans to his head.

Jamie Keeton, otherwise known as “Canhead,” originally set the record for most drink cans placed on a head using air suction back in 2016. He was able to stick eight cans to his head and had them remain in place for at least five seconds.

That record was broken in 2019 when Shunichi Kanno from Japan was able to stick nine cans to his head. On June 1, 2022, Keeton recaptured his title with 10 cans.

While Keeton’s skin suction is a pretty unusual talent, it’s actually attributed to a medical condition. “I actually have a skin condition that’s not named yet where my skin pores literally suck in oxygen,” Keeton said.

The condition has caused objects to stick to his skin since he was a child but Keeton didn’t realize the full extent of his abilities until he shaved his head for the first time.

“I was trying to cool my head down. I dried it off first, grabbed a can of pop, and just started cooling my head down. As I was doing that, they hit a home run and I went up to grab it and missed, and then I was like ‘Where’s my drink?’ It was stuck to the back of my head,” he said.

Keeton’s head suction has led him to a new path in life, one he certainly didn’t expect at all.

“I now have made it into a business. I market for people’s companies and go to events where they pay me anywhere from 10 to 20 thousand dollars a weekend. All because of this condition, I got to meet so many celebrities. And what’s really funny is that they actually come up to me and ask me for photos. They know me before I see them” Keeton said.


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