Man Switches Jobs to Avoid Arrest


Oftentimes, when criminals are hiding from the police, they’ll come up with a new identity to avoid capture. That’s what one Cobb County man did, fooling the authorities on multiple occasions.

Jared Randall Spencer was up on charges for loitering and prowling and criminal trespassing. In an attempt to avoid the arrest, Spencer told officers he was with the Marietta Police Department. He also claimed to be a real estate agent.

There was no record of Spencer being an officer at the Marietta Police Department, nor does the Georgia Real Estate Commission have a record of Spencer having a real estate license.

“The moment that they were placing him under arrest, trying to get him out of the car, that’s when he identified himself as a Marietta police officer. There are so many things out there now that are trying to fake a representative of an organization. It’s not just law enforcement,” Chuck McPhilamy, Marietta Police Department public information officer said.

Police said Spencer was seen multiple times before his arrest. The person who called the police told officers that Spencer identified himself as a police officer with the Cobb County Police Department before they arrived on the scene.

“This subject was not a police officer. He has never been,” Aaron Wilson, public information officer for the Cobb County police department said.

Spencer was arrested on the initial charges of loitering and prowling and criminal trespassing and was also charged with impersonating a public officer and obstructing a law enforcement officer. Spencer was released from the Cobb County Detention Center on bond.


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