Man Takes Pet Squirrel for Stroll


Walking dogs and even cats have become the norm in our society but seeing a squirrel on a leash might just be enough to turn your head.

Shoppers in Hailsham, East Sussex, were treated to the bizarre sight of a man taking his pet squirrel on a walk. Obviously, the man couldn’t have his little friend scurry away. Geri Burt filmed the incident, which was eventually uploaded to the Facebook group “Hailsham news and talk 2.0.”

Residents in the area took to droves to comment that the animal wasn’t just any old squirrel but Alvin the Squirrel. Yes, turns out our main character in this story is actually somewhat of a local celebrity, with more than 1,000 followers on TikTok.

Alvin was reportedly rescued and nursed back to health by Mehmet, who now posts regular videos on social media of his furry friend’s daily comings and goings. As expected, he also takes Alvin on walks in his tiny harness around town, which brightens everyone’s day.

Seems like Alvin has an easy life now, eating and sleeping as he pleases, with the occasional walk thrown in here and there.


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