Man Turns His Ex-Girlfriend Into a Cash Cow for $9,000


Dating expenses add up quickly when accumulated over the years of a lengthy relationship.

A man from Shanghai turned heads when he shoved some dating bills to his ex-girlfriend to reimburse him for the sunk cost of the past relationship. He gathered a long list of expenses that he paid when dating a woman who broke up with him. There were hundreds of items listed with the dates and times in case she needed to cross-check the transactions. His list featured descriptions of the expenses and the proof of payment.

The man demanded $8,954 in total expenses. He refuses to budge until the money goes back into his pocket. In his head, if there is no relationship, there are no free dates. The reimbursed money is an effort to soothe his broken heart.

Nothing is free, not even water, as the man listed the costs of water bottles. Hydration is her problem.

The man also outlined the expenses his family helped to cover when his ex’s mother was hospitalized. Her mother died shortly after and his family assisted in funding the funeral costs. Now, he wants the money back and he doesn’t care if she has to dig up graves to find the thousands in cash.

It seems like he had this list on standby should the relationship take an unfavorable turn. His unique list states which expenses are solely hers versus shared as a couple. For instance, he mentioned dinner for two at a restaurant. He attempted to be fair with his calculations when he requested the woman pay 50% of the costs for her portion instead of 100%.

The woman will need to clear up the outstanding balance to completely walk away from this relationship.


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