Man Uses The Power of the Sun to Cook Food


Summer is here and that means overwhelmingly warm temperatures. Record-high temperatures are being recorded in numerous cities across the United States with more than 25 million people under a heat advisory.

One man is using the heat to his advantage by cooking different types of food on his car’s dashboard. Joe Brown from Arizona is grilling steaks, baking cakes and boiling mac and cheese inside his sweltering vehicle. With temperatures ranging anywhere from 186 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s easy to see why he can be successful.

Brown posts his experimental videos on TikTok, receiving thousands of views for his satisfying and oftentimes, delicious-looking meals. His routine consists of choosing what food he plans on cooking, baking or melting that day, adding them to an aluminum foil pan and leaving them to sit in his stifling car.

Brown’s cooking videos started back in 2020 when he was inspired by the hot weather Arizona is used to getting. Besides baking and cooking, Brown also tests melting different types of candy. From Jolly Ranchers to Jelly Beans, he’s probably tried melting it at some point.

With the extreme heat upcoming, it’s important to use protection against the sun. Staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen and donning a hat are the best ways to combat heat-related illnesses.


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