Man Walks Out of Prison Disguised as a Woman


Ever since prisons have existed, inmates have been planning elaborate escapes. This time, it was an inmate from Paraguay that managed to capture headlines by walking out of prison dressed as a woman.

César Ortiz, the leader of the Rotela crime gang, escaped from Tacumbú National Penitentiary by simply strolling out the front gate. He earned the nicknames “Gordito Lindo” or “Cute Fatty” by disguising himself as a woman in order to fool the guards on duty. His elaborate get-up consisted of a long wig, fake eyelashes, lipstick, fake fingernails and of course, women’s clothing.

The escape was planned after a conjugal visit. Ortiz entered a private room with a woman and left wearing the female disguise that did the trick to fool guards at multiple checkpoints throughout the prison. Ortiz finally left through the main door of the penitentiary with several bags and donning a facemask.

Unfortunately for Ortiz, his freedom was very short-lived. Police managed to capture him a few hours after the escape. He has since been taken into custody and is scheduled to be transferred to another prison for security reasons.

Ortiz has been serving a prison sentence of three years, nine months and twenty days for aggravated assault and robbery. It’s safe to say that this incident won’t help with reducing his sentence at all.


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