Man Who ‘Got Mad At His Girl’ Destroys $5 Million in Art


A man was arrested after breaking into a museum and destroying more than $5 million in artwork because he “got mad at his girl.” Ruining priceless works of art probably isn’t the best way to win her back.

Brian Hernandez was in a fit of fury when he stalked off to the Dallas Museum of Art for a late-night bash fest. The 21-year-old forced his way inside the building by smashing the glass front entrance to the museum with a metal chair. He then destroyed several items as a way to channel his anger.

A security guard for the museum told police that a motion sensor went off so he and another guard went to investigate the concourse, where they found Hernandez. After questioning the man, he said “he got mad at his girl so he broke in and started destroying property.”

Once the guards found Hernandez, they told him to sit on a bench to wait for the police to arrive. That’s where he was found once officers arrived at the scene.

Authorities completed a walk-through and reviewed surveillance footage with the director of security to create a list of the art displays and cases that had been damaged.

The damaged property totals around $5.1 million worth of artwork, which included several pots and statues. A “Black Figure Panel Amphora 6th Century Greece” pot and a “Red Figure Pyxis 450 B.C.” pot were both damaged and were valued at $5 million.


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