Man Wins $2 Million Thanks to His Pregnant Dog


Leonard Linton, a 42-year-old dog owner in Pinetta, Florida, has a lifetime of pet bills covered when his pregnant dog, Ivy, indirectly guided him to a winning lottery ticket. She not only fetched balls — the lucky lady pointed him towards millions of dollars.

Linton purchased the ticket at a Stop & Shop in Live Oak. The visit had been prompted by his sick dog with her pregnancy blues. He’s grateful to his companion for leading him to the winning ticket and changing his life financially.

According to a press release, Linton “received a call that Ivy was not feeling well and to get to her as quickly as possible, Linton took a different route home.”

The alternate route changed the trajectory of his life with the lump sum prize. Linton expressed his surprise: “I still can’t believe it. This is life-changing.”

During his ride home, he made a quick stop at the Stop & Shop on Howard Street in Live Oak, where Linton purchased a $10 “100X THE CASH” scratch-off game. That purchase made him the winner of the $2 million grand prize.

Linton claimed $1,645,000 at the Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee and The Stop & Shop in Live Oak received a $4,000 bonus commission for the winning ticket sale.

When people probed him about his spending plans, he said: “I’m definitely getting Ivy a new kennel!” Two million dollars can buy her more than a new kennel. Maybe some treats too?

The future puppies have a rich and lucky mother.


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