Man Works His Lady Magic to Gain Entry


A female ticket is restricted to access for women only… unless you are a man willing to go the extra mile. This entry requires the effort of changing genders for the day and dressing up in a disguise.

A British man was determined to forge his way into one of the U.K.’s biggest music festivals and he faced one minor problem: the ticket was for women. Why waste money when you can temporarily adopt a new gender? He took the initiative of going through a personal transformation with a wig and dress to gain admission into the event.

A Twitter user who was also attending the event tweeted her unusual encounter with the man. She said: “Day 1 of Glasto and a scouse lad came up to me in a wig and dress cos he had a woman’s ticket and I got interviewed by BBC news straight after getting in.” 

This tweet generated more than 3,000 likes. The post featured a video with over 121,000 views revealing the disguised man standing in line with his ticket in his hand. The festival sells tickets with the photos of the buyers attached to minimize any forbidden entries. 

Other users jumped in the comments expressing their curiosity about whether he gained admission or not. Everyone wanted to know: did the outfit do the trick? 

One person tweeted: “We need to know did he get in.” Lori lost sight of the man in the crowd. The result remains a cliff-hanger as no one knows whether he enjoyed the festival or was directed to the nearest exit. 

One person replied: “Scouse lad bought a 40-year-old woman’s ticket and gone full drag.”

Next up — a man buys an 80-year-old woman’s ticket. We might need to steal grandma’s dentures for this future act.


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