Man’s Morning Ritual Is Drinking Urine


If people value natural health remedies, it’s time to rethink urine as a source of nourishing hydration. Although most people will wince in disgust at the thought of gulping their urine, Sage, a 68-year-man from Colorado, sips on his own urine every morning. His practice is long-standing as it began twenty years ago, and he believes urine has many health benefits.

There is no need to flush the urine down the toilet. There are many applicable uses for one’s urine. Sage said: “I started urine therapy in 1994. It was a total spiritual connection for me and had nothing to do with health. As the years progressed, I realized there were some things I wanted to improve with my health. I increased the use of dosages. There are over 24 topical uses on the skin, eyes, and ears.”

If this sounds like an appealing practice, Sage offers a course for up to $330 where students can educate themselves on his secret practices for longevity.

His followers feel inspired to follow in his footsteps as parents have given their children urine to drink. Even though it sounds more like a cruel punishment, Sage claims it has improved their health drastically.

Although there is no scientific evidence to support his claims, that doesn’t stop him from selling the idea. Stop the chemotherapy and chug on your urine. Sage believes it can heal conditions such as cancer, viruses, MS, Alzheimer’s, and sunburns.

Sage said: “I do get the naysayers or the ones who are doubters but I’ve learned to be compassionate with people because they don’t know what this is yet. They’re going based on theory and information from doctors, television, and school.”

Compassion is not the feeling shared by his annoyed roommate, who has to tolerate the bizarre habit. The strong pee odor was seeping into the kitchen, causing his appetite to diminish. He told Sage to take his practice outdoors as not everyone wants their living space smelling like the toilet.

Sage may have to piss outside, but this urine legend will not give up his practice as he sees value in the wee consumption. He will continue to hydrate himself with his discharge for many more years and educate others along the way.


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