Masturbation Can Lead to Deportation


A food delivery driver had an overwhelming urge that he could not shrug off and the temptation was not for the cuisine. He had a lustful desire for solo activity and he scanned the environment at Rosny Park for any wandering eyes. The sexually aroused man assumed that the coast was clear so he directed his fingers down his pants, stroking his genitals until the private act turned into public viewing.

Nothing applies the brakes to a nearing climax like a witness who pulls in at the wrong time. A council worker knocked on the car window and caught him in the act. The worker asked him to leave and the driver fled the awkward confrontation.

He was charged with one count of prohibited behavior and pled guilty. Community Corrections Tasmania (CCT) issued a risk assessment test to judge his risk of reoffending and determine whether he should be placed on the sex offenders register. The test results revealed that the 26-year-old had a medium risk of reoffending.

This result was disputed by the defendant’s lawyer and backed by two clinical psychologists. Dr. Grant Blake and Dr. Emma Collins believe that he has a low risk of reoffending and this administration tool is a flawed form of assessment. He should never have been subject to the Static-99R measures.

Based on the manual for Static-99R, Category B offenses include “sexting,” “consenting sex in public places” and “indecent behavior without a sexual motive.” Static-99R is intended for the use of cases where a sex offense has occurred with an identifiable victim. This case does not meet that criterion.

Will those filthy fingers be forced to grab the passport or is that punishment too punitive? Stay tuned as the case has been adjourned and the verdict will be announced at a disputed fact hearing.


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