McDonald’s Proposal Gone Wrong


Planning the perfect proposal can be difficult, but one man decided to pop the question at a McDonald’s and it did not go well at all.

The unsuccessful proposal went viral on Twitter after a South African man made his move in the line up at McDonald’s. After getting down on one knee, the woman he had proposed to turned back to the cash register shaking her head before storming out of the restaurant completely.

The man was persistent and stayed on his knee for a good while before shamefully standing and following after the distressed woman. Most onlookers that had gathered around the couple were quite disappointed by the result. Some even went on to boo the woman as she walked away.

Sibusisiwe Moyo, who was in the store when it all happened, said: “People started coming when they saw him on his knee. He was on his knee for approximately three minutes.”

She added: “She just walked away and continued walking out the mall, and he followed her.”

The footage of the proposal has since blown up online, getting around 3.7 million views on Twitter. A number of users commented on the original video, remarking on the proposal location.

One user commented: “If a man proposes to me in a McDonald’s I’d just pass out because no way you thought this was the ideal way to propose to me, no f***in way!” [sic]

Others caught a wedding band already on the man’s finger, leaving them even more confused by the original video.

“And why is this man already wearing a wedding band?” one of the users wrote.


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