McDonald’s Proposal: “Will You McMarry Me?”


Every woman spends their youth dreaming of getting engaged with a McChicken by her side. Nothing can outdo a chicken burger used to seal the deal on a life-changing commitment.

A McDonald’s proposal got switched up during the route and a man may have proposed to a different person. The recipient of the DoorDash delivery was in for a surprise when they opened their front door to a take-out bag. When the person looked into the bag, they discovered a note that read, “Will you marry me, Kim?”

No, sir. You will have to make another attempt with more effort. Kim is clueless and starving, with no romantic gesture to compensate for the mix-up.

Even though Kim had no idea about the unexpected turn of events, Reddit users were able to hear about the delivery failure. The recipient of the message shared their experience on the website with the caption: “So I ordered McDonald’s via DoorDash and found this in the bag. Not only did the DoorDash driver get my order wrong, but I think he messed up some poor dude’s plans…”

The story was posted under the username Xagreuss and it began to trend with over 41,000 upvotes and 1,800 comments. Hopefully, Kim stumbles upon this Reddit post.

The commentators hopped on the fun with the clever play on names. Users joked about having a McBaby called McLovin and then getting a McDivorce. If this couple splits, one user was quick to claim the McHouse and another person was ready to adopt the McKids.

The real question is: Where is the ring? Hopefully, it’s not coming with the next round of Burger King onion rings.


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