Measure Your Pizza or Get Scammed


How far will you go to get your penny’s worth? Would you put your germ-filled measuring tape over the cheesy goodness to prove that a pizza is smaller than the advertised claim?

Coral and Luke Heath, a couple who ordered a 15-inch pizza, got skeptical when they opened the box to discover a pizza with a shorter diameter. The eyes can be deceiving, so they pulled out a measuring tape to confirm their accusation. The tape findings did support the invalid claim that the $16 Margherita pizza was only 13 inches. They were missing two inches worth of pizza.

The couple was disappointed with the pizza order, and Luke called Westgate Pizza to complain about the size. The staff member did not express remorse and accused the customer of being a liar. The frustration grew as the employee refuses to give a refund or replacement pizza.

Luke expressed his anger online, attracting a range of mixed reactions. Luke said: “Terrible pizza place. Really rude staff. We bought the 15-inch pizza and it was way too small so I rang them directly before the delivery app to get it sorted.

“The person directly called me a liar over and over and was very argumentative. He refused to even send a new pizza or a refund since it wasn’t what we paid for.

“He kept saying they take pictures of their pizza and I am wrong. Well, we measured that pizza after this and that pizza was too damn small. It was burnt, just terrible all over. Really, don’t order from these people, they do not care about you.”

The staff member was quick to defend the restaurant. Mujeeb Hootek, who worked at the pizza place for six years, stated that the restaurant doesn’t have a 13-inch pan. Hootek said: “We offered a refund, which they took, and we apologized. We also offered them to come in and see our pans and how we work.”

Some users were baffled how someone had this much time on their hands to go the extra mile. Liam Sheen wrote: “You actually measured a pizza… and I thought I had no life. Calm down takeaway police.”

On a different note, another commentator could sympathize with this customer. Joe Levi said: “You lot might be saying they’ve got nothing better to do, but if everyone let things like this slip all the time where would we actually stop with people selling things that don’t match the description.”

The measuring tape worked for this couple by shedding the liar label and getting their money back.


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