Meet South Dakota’s New Corn-Bassador


Corn is a delicious side to any meal. To celebrate the starchy vegetable and a viral moment, seven-year-old Tariq was named South Dakota’s official corn-bassador.

Tariq’s passion for corn is a recent discovery but he absolutely loves it. He told an interviewer on the YouTube channel Recess Therapy that his favorite part is the juice that comes out when he’s chowing down on the vegetable.

“I mean just look at this thing, I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing, it’s corn!” Tariq said.

The hilarious interview has racked up millions of views and made Tariq, aka the “Corn Kid,” a viral sensation. He was dubbed South Dakota’s official corn-bassador by Governor Kristi Noem, who also declared September 3, 2022, as Official Corn-bassador Tariq Day.

“Whereas, South Dakota is one of the top corn producers in the nation, providing nourishment across the globe but especially to Tariq, a 7-year-old boy who recently discovered that corn was real,” the governor’s declaration reads. “It is fitting and proper as Governor to make special note of outstanding young man.”

Tariq and his family traveled from New York to attend the honorary ceremony held at South Dakota’s Corn Palace in Mitchell. According to Katlyn Svendsen of the South Dakota Department of Tourism, Tariq couldn’t believe his eyes when he came across the palace made of his favorite food.

“It’s a dream come true!” Tariq said.


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