Meteorite Crashes Through New Jersey Residence

A family was relaxing in the comforts of their home in central New Jersey when a metallic object pierced its way through the roof and crashed into the floor. Experts believe the object might be a possible meteorite but it was a strange sight for the family to witness as they stepped back to observe the warm black, potato-sized rock bounce around the bedroom.

Fortunately, no one sustained any injuries and their property didn’t face any severe damages. According to police reports, the meteorite measures about four by six inches and weighs approximately four pounds.

Credit: Hopewell Township Police Department/Facebook

Suzy Kop, whose family owns the residence, said their assumption, in the beginning, was that someone tossed a rock into the upstairs bedroom. However, seconds later, it became obvious that it wasn’t a nuisance neighbor but rather a force of nature.

The family is inquisitive in learning more about the object and they have plans to meet with an astrophysicist who can give them more insight into the finding.

“We are thinking it’s a meteorite, came through here, hit the floor here because that’s completely damaged, it ricocheted up to this part of the ceiling and then finally rested on the floor there,” Kop said. “I did touch the thing because it thought it was a random rock, I don’t know, and it was warm.”

Hazmat officials examined the place and family members to ensure they haven’t been exposed to any radioactive material. They have no reasons to be concerned since the checks were all negative.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/HopewellTwpNJPolice/posts/pfbid031jC67EL9RNRNvN8Y2RHsqVd12ucqSKgtCxYAaN6cdZthaUGMhc6a874G1ENAYSoxl