Mexican Mountain Road Leaves Many Confused


Road signs and markings can be puzzling sometimes. Mexico’s Acultzingo Heights is taking that confusion and turning it up a notch with one of their mountainous roads.

The area of Acultzingo Heights is known for being a mountainous area with a winding road that many truck drivers have found difficult to maneuver because of its tight curves. Large vehicles have often struggled with staying inside the lines, causing many accidents on the road.

To try to combat accidents on the Serra de Acultzingo, someone came up with the idea of switching lanes in the tricky sections of the road. The road markings have been changed so that motorists need to drive on the wrong side of the road every now and again. As if trying to traverse a winding road wasn’t as difficult enough as it is.

Before you need to perform the ‘lane dance of Acultzingo’, there are clear road signs presented that read “Opposite Curve Section Begins,” accompanied by markings on the asphalt pointing to the opposite lane you’ll be switching into. There are several videos online that show just how terrifying driving on the road can be, with vehicles from the opposite direction driving straight at you before changing into their designated lane.

The lane changes were created to coincide with the tightest curves on Serra de Acultzingo, making it easier for heavy vehicles to turn. Although the system seems confusing, the method has actually reduced accidents on the road.

When tackling the curves of Acultzingo, it’s best to do so during the day. Road markings that force you to change lanes don’t work very well at night or during other times of low visibility.


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