Michael Myers Spotted at Florida Beach


Halloween has come a bit early this year. A man decided to dress up as horror icon Michael Myers to catch the last bit of summer sun on a Florida beach during the Labor Day long weekend.

Todd Easter was enjoying his weekend at Panama City Beach in the early morning on September 4, 2022, when he spotted the masked slasher from his condo building. He posted about the moment on his Facebook page.

Although the serial killer doesn’t have the best reputation for being a people person, it’s known that people can change. Easter reported that “Michael” was a very well-mannered chap on the beach.

“He was actually really respectful of beachgoers and especially young children. He didn’t force his way into anyone’s space until they gave him permission,” he said.

The mystery man dressed as the Halloween star was only around for about 45 minutes before calling it a day.

Halloween Ends, the latest installment of the “Halloween” franchise, is scheduled to release in theaters this year on October 14. Perhaps this was just the beginning of the Michael Myers character popping up in random places in an effort to drum up promo for the movie.


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