Michigan Woman Found Living in Grocery Store Sign With Computer, Coffee Maker

You can make any place a home if you really try. A Michigan woman was found to be living inside a sign on top of a grocery store with a computer, coffee maker and desk.

The unidentified 34-year-old woman, who police said was homeless, had been living inside the grocery store sign for around a year. She had made the sign her home too, with the additions of a desk, a coffee maker, a computer and a printer.

The woman was discovered on April 23, 2024, when contractors at the Midland, Michigan, store noticed someone was running an extension cord up to the roof where there’s a plugin. 

“It’s a story that makes you scratch your head, just somebody living up in a sign,” Midland Police Officer Brennon Warren told reporters Thursday. “There was some flooring that was laid down. A mini desk, her clothing. A Keurig coffee maker. A printer and a computer — things you’d have in your home.”

Warren added: “I honestly don’t know how she was getting up there. She didn’t indicate, either.” He explained that the 5-foot wide, 8-foot high sign is accessible from the roof of the store and has a door but that there was no ladder in sight.

The woman told police she had been living inside the sign for Family Fare grocery market while working elsewhere. “We provided her with some information about services in the area. She apologized and continued on her way. Where she went from there, I don’t know,” Warren said.

Family Fare’s parent company, SpartanNash, said in a statement that employees offered the woman the utmost “compassion and professionalism” in their response. They added: “Ensuring there is ample safe, affordable housing continues to be a widespread issue nationwide that our community needs to partner in solving.”