Millions of Bees on the Loose


Unlike most other animals, it’s a little harder to find millions of bees that were able to escape their hives. A semi-truck carrying 200 beehives lost its load when it rolled over on a Utah highway.

The truck was traveling on the 1-80 East Bound mile marker 149 when the accident occurred. Authorities are currently investigating the situation. As of right now, it’s unclear as to where the truck was coming from, going to or how the accident happened.

The Park City Fire District posted on their Facebook page about the incident. Officers closed the Historic Union Pacific Rail but still warned that residents in the area should avoid walking, biking, or riding through the Silver Creek section due to the number of bees.

Two people were taken to a local hospital for multiple stings and other injuries.

Local beekeepers are working to recover as many bees as possible. “The semi was hauling over 200 beehives. Every effort is being made to save as many bees as possible,” authorities said. Losing such a large number of bees could be devastating because they are such an important part of the ecosystem.


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