Minnesota Residents Witness Raining Poop Falling From Sky

It was a smelly morning for residents of a Minnesota town when they were struck with feces raining down on them. The poo was coming from a mysterious source and the locals were scratching their heads in utter shock while their cars were covered in feces.

Carisa Browne, a resident in Burnsville, was grabbing a cup of coffee from a drive-thru when poo was raining down and covering her vehicle. “I was waiting in line, getting my daily coffee… and all of a sudden, brown dropped onto my vehicle,” Browne said.

“It was like it rained brown for a second… I got out, and I went to the car in front of me. I was like, ‘What just happened to us?’ And he was like, ‘I have no idea.'”

Browne explained that both vehicles were getting covered in droppings with no suspect around. She was relieved that the windows were shut since her child was inside the vehicle and cleaning poop off a child isn’t a desirable task for any parent.

“I was looking around, like ‘Who threw it at us?’ But it was very high. It came straight down. It hit on my roof, on my hood. It was all the way down my side. Also, my child was with me, so I’m glad the windows weren’t open.”

A possible explanation could be that the area is on a flight path and an aircraft was emptying its load.

U.S. Representative Angie Craig inquired about the incident to the Federal Aviation Administration and she also tweeted: “This week, I heard some crappy news… reports of ‘poop rain’ falling onto multiple of my constituents’ cars in Burnsville.”

“I want to get to the bottom of this so we can ensure our communities are safe and healthy.”

The universe is full of surprises and this scenario isn’t exactly a pleasant surprise. The residents will be scrubbing their vehicles while officials will be getting to the bottom of the mystery poop explosion.

Source: https://www.wabi.tv/2023/05/16/mystery-poop-rains-down-cars-drive-thru-family-says/