Missing Cat Discovered in Recliner

When a missing cat goes missing, who knows where it might turn up? A missing cat was found hiding in a furniture factory weeks after it was stowed away in a recliner chair.

Randi McGlone had purchased a new recliner before returning it shortly after on March 1, 2023. Around that time, Inky the cat disappeared soon when the workers left McGlone’s house with the furniture in Ashland, Kentucky.

When the movers arrived at the furniture warehouse and pulled the recliner out of the truck, Inky jumped out and fled inside the building. That’s when McGlone received a phone call from an employee of Big Sandy Superstore to let her know Inky was somewhere inside their warehouse.

McGlone visited the warehouse three times over three weeks, trying to coax the cat out of hiding. “I didn’t think I’d ever see her again,” McGlone said.

Warehouse workers were eventually able to catch Inky and called McGlone to tell her about the good news. The pair have since been reunited with Inky safely returning home.