Missing Dog Lured Home by BBQ


When dogs go missing, neighbors from around the area often band together to keep an eye out for the animal. Turns out, this pouch just needed the delicious smell of a barbecue to lure him back.

Nico, a six-year-old German shepherd was startled while out for a walk with his dog walker when he ran off into a field. Owner Andy Farmer and residents from all over Lanarkshire, England, rallied together to look for the pooch but Nico ended up returning on his own time.

Farmer has had Nico since he was 12-weeks-old and was prepared to do anything to get the dog back. “I slept in the field in the car on the Tuesday night with his bed, blankets, toys, some of my clothes,” Farmer said.

The dog was found in the Calderwood area after Farmer had tossed some food on the barbecue in hopes that he would smell it. The scent of tasty sausages drew Nico out of hiding in a wooded area.

“We seemed to lure him out with some sausages in the end and it was the quick thinking of a local taxi driver called Alan and a few dog walkers that got him back.

“Nico went in the direction of the C’mon Inn in Calderwood and Alan and the dog walkers blocked off either end of the road and Alan managed to get him over to the car and grab him.

“When Alan called me and said ‘I’ve got him’, I was practically in tears. They are like your babies – albeit your fur babies and the family is complete again now he’s back with us,” Farmer said.

Nico certainly had his priorities straight and was hopefully rewarded with a tasty sausage when he returned home.


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