Missing Man Plays Hide and Seek at Home


Blake Lipton, a WVII Fox Bangor news anchor, had people concerned about his safety when he went missing in the evening. Was he kidnapped by a ruthless murderer who pointed a knife at his neck? Or did he get stranded filming one of his television news? The answer is neither of those options. After prompting a frightened search party, Lipton was found twiddling his thumbs at his house.

Channel 7 is the agency that Lipton works for and they published a story regarding his disappearance. They described the 29-year-old as 5 feet 7 inches tall and 180 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. He was last seen at Bangor but they did not acknowledge him as a staff member.

However, there was a bio on the employer site with his details. Lipton was originally from Washington, DC, with an educational background in broadcast journalism at the University of South Carolina. He worked at WVII for three years. It was his second time working for the Bangor, Maine, television station.

Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department has not yet released a statement on his current condition. The good news is that he has been found and is alive to tell the story.

What is his story? It will be a cliffhanger as police officers are still in the middle of their investigation. For the action lovers, hopefully, the suspense element pays off.


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