MMA Fighter Becomes Picasso Painting


Mixed martial arts is an extremely tough contact sport. A battle between two MMA fighters can lead to serious injuries, like the one Blake Perry faced during a recent bout.

The MMA fighter took a knee directly to the nose from his opponent, Marcel McCain, during the A1 Combat4 event in Stockton, California. Perry’s schnoz after the hit looked eerily like a Picasso painting, skewed to the side instead of in the dead center of his face.

McCain was the one to come out victorious in the fight, leaving Perry with a 1-1-0 record and a broken nose. McCain also improved to 1-1-0 with his first-round technical knockout victory over Perry. Despite the cartoonish nose, Perry still wanted to continue to fight.

Apparently, Perry made light of the situation as he posted a picture of his newly rearranged face to his Instagram story with the caption: “Y’all think his nose is broken?” UFC Fight Pass shared a clear video of Perry’s new nose on Twitter with the caption: “Think it’s broke? #A1Combat4”

It seems like if the late artist was still around, he would have had a new muse for his next piece of work.


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