Mobile Home Gets Stuck in Intersection


Most people’s typical daily commute is already disturbed by a variety of inconveniences. No one wants to add a house getting stuck at an intersection to the mix.

Virginia police pulled over a trailer hauling a mobile home after the vehicle ran into some serious trouble. When hauling the home, the house became stuck in an intersection and hit a bridge.

According to witnesses on the scene, the house-hauler had attempted to merge onto Interstate 95 in Richmond but ended up getting a tree branch stuck on the roof and blocking four lanes of traffic.

Authorities also noticed that the plastic wrapping used around the home had come loose and was visibly dragging behind the rest of the structure, causing more of a mess.

Once the roof of the house came in contact with the bridge, Virginia State Troopers pulled the vehicle over. There were no signs of damage to the bridge after this incident. The 64-year-old driver from Coats, North Carolina, was also not injured.

Police did charge the owner of the home with an over-height vehicle violation for not obeying the rules of the road. As expected, the incident did cause traffic delays on I-95 near exit 78.


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