Model Called Out for Twerking at Cemetery

Halloween is a great time to show off creative costumes but there’s still a line that shouldn’t be crossed. A Playboy model from Las Vegas showed why she’s bad to the boneyard by twerking next to gravestones while wearing nothing but a thong for her Halloween outfit.

Amanda Nicole Martin took to Instagram to share one of her spooky costumes. She captioned the post: “Happy October, tis spooky szn and i celebrate Halloween all month long.” In honor of the macabre holiday, Martin decided to parade about a graveyard dressed as Lady Death, a Marvel character known for her gray-white skin and racy black thong bikini and cape.

She went all out for her look, donning latex stockings and painting her body to mimic the goddess’ skull-festooned spaghetti straps. While the 27-year-old is clearly confident with how she looks, many claimed that she was disrespecting the dead by prancing through the graveyard in very little clothing.

There were many viewers that deemed Martin’s cemetery cosplay impressive with one person writing: “It took me a second to realize it was you. After I did I was shocked again once I realized it was body paint and not actual clothes. I give this 100 for the amazing effort and beauty on display.”

However, others were less than thrilled about the situation. One commented: “We just gonna ignore the fact she’s at a cemetery.”

Another wrote: “This has to be disrespectful at a graveyard.”

Martin has since clarified that she was actually at a pet cemetery. She joked that at least if she gets haunted, it’s by “puppy ghosts,” like in the Stephen King book, Pet Sematary.