Model Known For “World’s Biggest Cheeks” Gets More Surgery


Anastasia Pokreshchuk, the model known for having extremely large cheeks, is back at it again. This time, she took to social media to show off her newly pumped cheeks

The 33-year-old didn’t always have a face full of filler. In her twenties, Pokreshchuk is now unrecognizable from her former self. When she was 26, she started getting surgical procedures and beauty modifications and hasn’t looked back since.

To retain her title, the model added more filler and even she shared her latest procedure with followers through Instagram. Aside from her usual cheek injections, Pokreshchuk has also gotten veneers, breast implants and Botox injected into her forehead.

Credit: justqueen88/Instagram

Although many have criticized Pokreshchuk for her looks, she’s more than happy with her appearance and wouldn’t wish to look any different than she does now.

“I love them, I want them to look like this and I’m very happy. I regularly inject other parts of my face myself,” she said.

“I understand that they look weird for other people but I don’t mind.”

Before getting cheek fillers and other surgery, she explained that she was too shy to post pictures of herself, adding: “I was ashamed of everything; my voice, my appearance. It was really hard work.

“I think I was ugly before. My mom thinks that I was naturally beautiful before, but now thinks I look more exotic and my friends say my new appearance is better because before I looked like a grey mouse.”

In 2020, the model made the news after appearing on This Morning, telling the hosts that she refused to stop self-injecting herself despite warnings from doctors.

Although there are many dangers regarding self-injecting, Pokreshchuk has not been fazed by it, saying: “It can be dangerous but I do it with doctors and now I’m learning cosmetology in an online school.”


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