Model Makes Money as a Mermaid


Every little girl dreams of becoming a mermaid. One woman turned that dream into a reality and now makes $8,000 dressing up as a real-life version of the Disney Princess Ariel.

Emily Alexandra Guglielmo gets hired to work at children’s parties and five-star events where she spends her days swimming in pools and posing for photos and videos. She has amassed quite the following online, expanding her brand even further.

“Being a mermaid is extremely special as I get to make dreams come true for little ones. They truly believe that I’m a real mermaid just like they believe in Santa Claus.

“I feel that I have always been a mermaid ever since I was a little girl when I’d go to the beach every weekend and swim in the sea. It’s been instilled in me,” Guglielmo said.

She started this adventure by purchasing a mermaid tail when she was 22 to use for photoshoots. At the time, she paid $3,400 but was able to easily make that money back when people started asking if they could hire her for events and parties.

Her career has since skyrocketed. Known as “The American Mermaid”, Guglielmo travels across the United States performing at events and has also started to pick up modeling and acting opportunities as well, earning her a cool $8,000 a month.

Being a mermaid isn’t all that graceful though. Apparently, it can take Guglielmo up to 15 minutes to slip into her silicone mermaid tail. “I need a lube that is water-based or coconut oil to slip it on. It takes a good 10 minutes to get my feet into the pockets of the monofin, then slide the rest of the tail up over my hips,” Guglielmo said.

The cosmetics industry is now the area where Guglielmo wants to grow. She launched a line of mermaid-inspired cosmetics called Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, which donates a percentage of sales benefiting her non-profit, Supporting Water, bringing clean drinking water to emerging nations.


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