Mom Kills Off the Competition


Children are pawns in the game of life and when one piece feels too threatening, the best course of action is to remove the piece altogether.

A 42-year-old Indian woman was ruthless in poisoning a 13-year-old boy for outperforming her daughter in her studies. The mom visited the school during a rehearsal for an annual day function. She didn’t want to get her hands dirty so she got a security guard to do the job for her. She diluted the poison with a soft drink and handed it to the guard to pass it along to the victim.

The victim experienced symptoms immediately after drinking the soda. After the boy started vomiting, he was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment and his condition deteriorated over time. He passed away after the consumption of poison.

His mother began her investigation to find out what was causing the discomfort for her son. At first, she assumed the soft drink came from a family member but CCTV footage revealed a different story. When the school replayed its surveillance camera, it showed a student’s mother putting a substance in the bottle and then passing it over to the guard.

She soon realized the perpetrator was the parent of one of her son’s classmates. The children have had past disputes due to their academic standings. This time, the mother got involved in settling things in a biased way. She needed her daughter to be in the spotlight during the annual day celebrations and took extreme measures by removing her rival from this world.

The suspect fabricated the story saying she popped laxative pills in the drink to stop him from attending school due to diarrhea. The post-mortem report revealed a contradictory story with traces of poison.


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