Mom Messes With a Birthday Date


Not all moms are honest angels. Imagine celebrating birthdays and cutting a cake for years on a day that was your birth date. Then, mom pulls a plot twist and confesses to altering the date because of an inconvenience. How do you come to terms with the lie?

A mom contemplated switching her son’s birthday because it fell during Christmas celebrations. The festive season overlaps with his special day, which means he gets all the presents during December with no occasion for gift giving later in the year. Instead of shrugging the issue, she communicated her concerns online and proposed a solution. She hopes to come up with a fake date in the summer so that he is loved all year round.

She wrote: “My son was born in December and I just feel like it’s so hard for him to wait an entire year between presents, and then, of course, to get birthday and Christmas so close together, especially because his sibling gets presents conveniently around halfway through the year.”

She needed some quick advice from other parents. The woman added: “Has anyone done like a fake birthday in June time for December babies? Or is that mad? Or any other solution?”

The lady opened a can of worms since other parents quickly shamed her efforts.

A user wrote: “Unless their birthday is literally Christmas Day I think you’re being a little ridiculous, sorry.”

Another parent added: “I have two December babies and we have never had a fake Birthday as it’s never been necessary. Not sure why you need a solution to something that’s not a problem.”

A different parent suggested a more practical solution. They wrote: “We have a December child. We just balance it by buying summer-appropriate things when they are needed and then don’t gift our children masses for birthdays Christmas.”

Altering the birthday might be a drastic step that is avoidable and unnecessary. It leaves the child with trust issues and confusion for a lifetime.


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