Mommy, The Bishop Got Me Drunk


A sip of wine was not enough for Brynley Heidebrink, a 7-year-old girl from South Dakota. She stunned guests at her first communion when she was reluctant to give up the chalice of wine.

The bishop began by giving Brynley a wafer as per the ceremony traditions.

Things took a surprising turn when Father Andrew Young handed Brynley the chalice, to which she then tipped it back and chugged every last drop.

The bishop was left speechless as she quenched her thirst with no signs of giving the chalice back to him.

To his relief, she did return the chalice and walked off with her hands folded as if that was no big deal.

It is not every day we see a child jugging wine in a church like water. Brynley’s ceremony video made its way to TikTok, where users were chuckling at her bold drinking style.

One user said: “Happy hour at the church.”

Another user commented: “She’s going to think about this exact moment for the rest of her life.”

Her mom, Stefanie Heidebrink, told reporters that her daughter was anxious about the wine and needed more clarification on the amount to drink. She asked, “‘How much am I supposed to drink again?’ And I literally told her, ‘just tip it back, let it touch your lips, you don’t even have to swallow.'”

It definitely did not stop at her lips.

“I’m like why did you drink so much?” her mom asked. “Do you remember?”

“I don’t know,” Brynley replied.

The wine hit Brynley as her mom reported that she was more talkative than usual, and her cheeks appeared to be flushed. With the amount of wine she drank, that is no surprise.

Hopefully, she does not wake up for breakfast the next day asking for more wine instead of orange juice.


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