Monkey Escapes For a Wild Adventure


If animal lovers seek a loyal companion, there is a monkey strolling the downtown streets of Portland, Maine. This monkey could be an opportunity for exhausted parents to trade their rambunctious children for an obedient animal as a new addition to the family unit.

Anna McMurchy was with her friend when she spotted a creature running across the street. At first glance, she assumed it was a squirrel but a closer peek revealed a shocking discovery. They found a small, brown monkey who resembled a baby rhesus macaque.

“I didn’t want to say it out loud because I knew it would sound crazy,” McMurchy said.

McMurchy shed the spotlight on the monkey when she shared the sighting on a local Facebook page. She posed a question to users asking if they came across any similar wild animals.

Taylor Weyand replied to the post commenting: “My 3-year-old daughter said she saw a monkey in that area a day or two ago. She has an active imagination so I chalked it up to that, but I guess I need to give her more credit.” The observant child was telling the truth and not spinning a fictional tale.

Another Facebook user, Heidi Cianchette, wrote: “I’m going to get me a pet monkey today at Deering Oaks!!”

Many users urged McMurchy to call animal services to report the incident and rescue the monkey in a suitable environment.

McMurchy called the Greater Portland Animal Refuge League to notify them of the wild animal in case it is missing. They shrugged off the call, and McMurchy said: “They didn’t seem to take it too seriously.”

The monkey will be lounging on the tree branches and waving at strangers until people finalize the best course of action.


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