Mosquito Killed at Crime Scene Helps Police Solve Case


Investigators often use any evidence they can to help them solve a case. Police turned to a blood-filled mosquito that had been squashed in a burgled apartment to catch an elusive criminal.

Despite sounding like a plot from an episode of some crime show, authorities in China’s Fujian Province actually managed to nab a burglar that had broken into an apartment in a high-rise residential compound by analyzing the blood stain left on a wall by a squashed mosquito.

The burglar breached the home after climbing onto the balcony. Investigators found leftover noodles and cooked eggs in the kitchen, burned incense sticks, along with blankets and pillows taken from a closet and left on the bed. It seems that whoever broke into the apartment certainly wasn’t in any rush to leave.

When they found the blood stain left by the smushed insect on a wall, they decided to have the blood tested for DNA, hoping it would provide them with a lead.

DNA tests showed that the blood belonged to a man surnamed Chai, who has an extensive criminal record. A little over two weeks after the robbery, Chai was brought in for questioning and confessed to the burglary, as well as three other burglaries he was a suspect in. He is currently being held in custody pending his trial.


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