Mother and Son Caught Street Racing on Mother’s Day

Flowers and a celebratory meal for Mother’s Day are overrated; some adventurous families seek more thrilling activities to mark the occasion. A mother and son in Fresno, California, spent the day in their vehicles and battling it out in a street race.

Police officers weren’t thrilled by their choice of activity and the pair were charged with reckless driving after they were spotted racing each other.

Based on the Fresno Police Department reports, officers with the Street Racing Team witnessed two vehicles racing each other. They were driving in a risky manner, weaving through traffic before cops pulled them over clocking in at 80 miles per hour.

Credit: Fresno Police Department

After the Mother’s Day activity, both the mother and son had to hand over their vehicles for 30 days and were issued citations for driving recklessly.

Fresno Police Department shared their Mother’s Day adventure to their official Facebook account with a cautionary warning: “If you are engaging in illegal street racing and/or sideshow activity we will impound your vehicle for 30 days. Fresno is not the place to commit these hazardous crimes.”

In this case, the high speedometer provides a glimpse into how great the shared love is between the son and mother. Their love is going strong even if they stake the life of another person’s mom or son on the road.