Mother of Criminal Arrested for Sneaking Rolling Papers Into Courtroom

If your child has already found himself in jail, is it really the best idea to follow suit? A mother of a criminal was arrested after deputies claimed she attempted to sneak rolling papers and tobacco products into a courtroom.

Latasha Kendrick is the mother of Deamonte Kendrick, a rapper who performs under the name Yak Gotti. He was one of 14 defendants standing trial in Fulton County, Georgia, after being charged with multiple crimes.

Latasha stopped by the Fulton County Courthouse, where she dropped off a bag of clothing for her son, who was in court for jury selection at the time. Before giving the bag to his client, Deamonte’s attorney, Douglas Weinstein, told a deputy that he had received a text from Nyesha Cox, the mother of Kendrick’s child.

According to the affidavit, “Weinstein told the deputy he received a text from ‘D. Kendrick’s baby mother, NAE,’ stating that she had placed a sealed envelope inside of the bag.”

After searching the bag, deputies discovered the envelope, which contained tobacco wrapping papers and other tobacco products. Deputies confronted Latasha about the incident but she denied having any knowledge of the envelope, claiming that Cox had given her the bag to give to the attorney.

Jail records show Latasha was arrested into the Fulton County Jail on one count of criminal attempt to commit a misdemeanor. Authorities have also issued an arrest warrant for Cox but she has yet to be arrested.