Mother-To-Be Disagrees With Spouse Over Naming Twins After Minecraft


Choosing baby names can be extremely difficult, especially when parents have differing opinions. For one mother-to-be, naming her unborn twins is proving to be an uphill battle as her husband is firmly set on two very peculiar names.

As a massive Minecraft fan, her 34-year-old husband wants the children’s names to be Notch and Jeb, named after the game’s two creators.

As one would imagine, the expectant mother, also 34-years-old, isn’t impressed by the name choices her husband has presented, claiming it would be “dehumanizing” to name their kids after a game.

In likely fashion, her Minecraft-mad husband has all out refused to back down on this issue, causing the couple to have a heated argument about the topic.

The woman took to Reddit to get more opinions on the matter, claiming her husband is a “big Minecraft fan”, who also  “builds stuff on the game a lot and has Minecraft posters”.

The poster, who goes by the username u/minecraphater, is afraid that naming their children Notch and Jeb would open them up to taunts from bullies.

She wrote: “I told my husband that I want to give our children regular names, not after Minecraft because they are not objects, and my husband got really defensive about it saying that he should be able to choose because he is their father and I never gave any name suggestions.

“I will never name my children after Minecraft because I don’t want them to get bullied and feel like it’s dehumanising to name them after a game.”

Unfortunately, this didn’t solve the matter. The user continued: “I told my husband that I’d rather get a divorce than name our kids after Minecraft and he got really angry and raised his voice.

“I’m pregnant and my hormones maybe made me really emotional because I started crying. A few hours after that, we calmed down and I asked him again and he said he will for sure name the kids Notch and Jeb.”

Several Reddit users took to the platform to offer advice on what else she could say to her husband on the matter.

One user wrote: “Start looking up names you like and suggesting those, but tell him Notch and Jeb are absolutely not going to be their names and you will not compromise on those two names.

“He is their father and he does get a say, but a say is very different than naming them outright when you explicitly said ‘not those names’. You are their mother and have as much a say in this as he does.”


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