Mountain Lion Wanders Into California High School

It’s not every day that a mountain lion is seen away from the forest, let alone wandering into a school. That’s one cat you won’t want to mess with.

Authorities from the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office in California said a mountain lion made its way into a high school and was swiftly locked inside a classroom by a brave custodian.

The sheriff’s office posted on Facebook that the mountain lion was first seen at Pescadero High School in the early morning when a custodian closed the animal inside of an unoccupied English classroom.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they were able to secure the area while waiting for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to arrive on the scene.

Authorities tried to “let it out on its own,” but the mountain lion did not leave because it was likely “lost and scared,” the sheriff’s spokesperson said.

All students and staff at the school were safe and no one was injured by the intruding cougar. Students and staff were also sent home for the day as a precaution.

The cougar, around six to eight months old and likely an orphan, has now been transferred to the Oakland Zoo where the animal is now being cared for.