Move Aside Little Kids


Mascots at sporting events usually involve family fun moments that children enjoy, not aggressive beatings. One mascot was the complete opposite of a fun-loving creature and showed his true way with kids.

The Atlanta Braves mascot Blooper was one of many mascots participating in a local peewee leaguers game at halftime during an Atlanta Falcons preseason game. The event held at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, was one for the ages.

Blooper is clearly a competitive being who won’t let anyone stand in his way of winning. Instead of a nice game against some children, Blooper took the field with a fire rushing through his veins. He steamrolled child after child during the game, bursting through the competition on offense and defense.

The official Blooper Twitter account posted a video of the mascot absolutely demolishing the competition up and down the field. He stiff-armed youth-league football players to the ground and ran over another on a touchdown run.

According to the Braves’ website, Blooper was born at a 2018 fan fest and “is everything you could imagine in a mascot.” That now includes being a kid’s worst nightmare on the football field.


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