Museum Safe Opened After Almost 50 Years


An Indiana museum announced workers were able to crack the code of a safe that’s been locked for nearly 50 years. With the help of former Ruthermere residents, they figured out the combination that turned out to be the key to unlocking the safe.

The Ruthmere Museum in Elkhart released their findings on Facebook, saying that the wall safe has not been opened since before the museum opened in 1973. It’s noted that the safe was most likely not opened for several years before the museum took over the residence.

The safe was located inside Albert Beardsley’s bedroom of the Ruthmere Museum, which is a multifaceted cultural and historical museum home. The home was once owned by Albert R. and Elizabeth Baldwin Beardsley.

Collections manager Joy Olsen, with the help of former Ruthmere resident Bob Deputy and his daughter Cathy O’Connor were the ones who worked on the project and were able to open the safe after all these years.

As to what’s inside the safe, that’s a bit of a bummer.

When the workers used the correct combination to open the safe, they discovered a single sheet of paper bearing debt or insurance information that was left by a previous owner.

“Sadly, the money was long gone,” the Facebook post read.


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