Mysterious Poop Dumper Remains Unknown


Dumping garbage in public places isn’t nice at all to residents living there. Sure, empty drink bottles and food wrappers aren’t fun to clean up but it’s better than bags upon bags of feces littering the area.

The town of Bolton, Vermont, is dealing with a mysterious poop dumper that’s terrorizing the area by leaving bags of feces in green spaces. In total, hundreds of pounds of poop have been dumped and every time sanitation authorities clean the mess up, new bagfuls appear.

Everyone in town is pretty much fed up with the entire situation and authorities are now looking for a way the anonymous serial dumper can come forward. They don’t want to arrest the person, they just simply want to know the reason why.

The dumping first occurred in May 2022 as volunteers from the Green Mountain Club were getting ready to start cleaning the trail in time for hiking season. One of the volunteers noticed dozens of black trash bags they assumed were someone’s garbage. It wasn’t until they got a closer whiff that they realized it was bags of human feces.

“Our thanks to the Green Mountain Club for mobilizing 10 volunteers who spent hours cleaning up the 400+ pounds of feces and toilet paper,” Amy Grover, Bolton Town Clerk, said.

The dumping hasn’t stopped at all this summer, even after putting up “no dumping” signs. Keegan Tierney, director of field programs at the Green Mountain Club, said volunteers have carried out three cleanups near the footbridge where the poop was originally found.

Thankfully, the club has the necessary equipment to protect volunteers from the human waste and dispose of it correctly. Still, with the continued dumping, everyone is getting frustrated with the situation.

According to Grover, Bolton authorities think they know why someone is dumping their waste in the woods. They think it’s simply a case of a resident having a broken septic tank system and not having the funds to fix it. It’s estimated that a new septic system can cost up to $40,000 and repairs aren’t much cheaper.

Vermont does currently have a program in place to assist low-income residents to pay for new septic systems. All they need to do is let their local officials know to apply for the aid. Hopefully, the serial dumper comes forward sooner rather than later.


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