Nail Polish That Looks and Smells Like Cheese


Several food companies have been turning towards the beauty industry for bizarre collaborations. Hershey’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and Lucky Charms have all partnered with different makeup brands to bring eye shadow palettes, lipsticks and more to life.

The latest partnership comes from the Kraft-Heinz-owned brand Velveeta cheese and Nails.INC to create Pinkies Out Polish. The two colors come in Velveeta’s red “Finger Food” polish and yellow “La Dolce Velveeta” polish. The polishes can be purchased together for $15 with Irresistible Nail Stickers also available.

The description of the polish reads: “These highly pigmented shades provide full-cover payoff and are designed to be worn together for those confident enough to show the world they are living a big, bold, and unrestrained life.

“Now you can be as bold as the cheese you love.”

Kelsey Rice, the senior brand communications manager at The Kraft Heinz Company said: “VELVEETA is known for its rich, creamy texture and cheesy, melty goodness, so what better way to bring this to life for our fans than with something equally as rich and creamy — nail polish.”

Not only does the polish match Velveeta’s brand colors but it also smells like cheese. The cheesy aroma should appear once the long-wear polish is fully dry. Although the polish smells edible, it should not be consumed.

Now that’s cheesy!


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