Naked Carpenter at Your Service


Ladies, don’t break the door with all those consultation requests. Everyone gets a turn to drool over the splendid view as this man is in no rush to put on clothes.

Robert Jenner, a 49-year-old nicknamed the naked carpenter, has been in an ongoing sticky legal situation due to his indecent behavior.

He can flash his body privately but not in front of strangers. Law enforcement caught him walking through a town center in see-through trousers. After a legal case, he was released from prison but his freedom was short-lived. He was arrested hours later by cops for walking around in see-through pants.

He has been convicted for breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order, which meant he had to wear at least two layers of clothes to prevent him from exposing his genitalia. It was imposed back in 2019 at Canterbury Crown Court to try to get him to conform to public standards. Jenner challenged authorities by arriving at Maidstone Police Station wearing see-through pants and a mesh thong. DC Melanie Bolt and PC Homam Al Sinawi were the witnesses.

The former soldier fought hard to embrace his nudity. Jenner argues that forcing clothes on him is a human rights violation. He opened up about not wearing underpants during his shifts as a delivery driver, resulting in a cut on his crotch. If that cut isn’t a motivator to wear undergarments, we are fighting a losing battle to dress this man.

Jenner was convicted of breaching his order and sentenced to one year in prison. Judge Macdonald added that the order had been the consequence of consistent criminal behavior.

Jenner’s thoughts on this mess? “He doesn’t regret anything but he is thoroughly sick of prison.”

In court, Jenner was asked: “Do you consider yourself to be a naturist?” He replied: “Yes, to me naturism means being open.”

Let’s all work our way up to his level of unwavering confidence and self-love.


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