Naked Man Interrupts Husband’s Zoom Meeting


Zoom meetings have become a normal occurrence over the last few years and there have been many hilarious mishaps during this time. This Californian couple may have taken the cake.

Damian Mlotkowski was tuned into his weekly virtual call when his husband, Jason Bowers, wandered into the room naked as the day he was born. Once Jason realized his mistake, he immediately dropped to the floor to get out of view of the computer screen.

The 35-year-old had just gotten out of the shower and was typing a message on his phone as he walked into the bedroom. “I had no idea he was on a meeting. I was so focused on my message I was writing that I didn’t look up so I couldn’t see he was on a call.” Bowers said.

“Damian was looking down at the time so he didn’t realize I was coming in either.

“As I was going into the room, I began to realize that the voices I was hearing might be a Zoom meeting, to which then I looked up and, yep, I was right!”

He went on: “I dropped to the floor because I was so embarrassed that they might have seen me naked, and by dropping to the floor they wouldn’t be able to see me hopefully.

“When I fell to the floor I started laughing hysterically because I had no idea what they saw.”

Damien gestured to his colleagues that he needed a minute before turning off his camera. Most of Damien’s colleagues were amused by the moment, including his boss who responded with “nudity is fun!”

Thankfully, a well-placed chair saved the day and protected Jason from further embarrassment.

Later that evening, the couple attended the estate agency’s Christmas party, and all joked about the work-from-home blunder.

“I would say that blurred backgrounds were created for these types of situations, so use them… But also get yourself a cool boss that deals with mishaps like a champ!” Jason said.


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