Naked Model Sells Air Fryer For Your Sizzling Needs


A product listing for an air fryer catches the eye of thousands of people when a nude selfie slips into the eBay ad posting.

This hot offer was posted accidentally by Emma Jones, a 26-year-old British woman. She was looking to get rid of a Ninja Foodi Max air fryer and turned to eBay. In an effort to declutter her space, she showcased her topless body in front of a full-length mirror for thousands of viewers in need of a home appliance.

Jones published the ad without being aware of the “product” image. Within the first 24 hours, she only had five views with no interested buyers.

Jones said: “I didn’t open Facebook and notice the problem until [the next day] I had a lunch break at work. I had about 50 friend requests and about 100 Facebook messages.”

She was trending on multiple social media platforms with 150 new followers on Instagram and over 100 new direct messages.

Jones was embarrassed, and she said: “On eBay’s list, I had 117,000 views and a maximum bid of over $1,250. I wasn’t happy or thinking about money when I saw bids over $1,250. I was just panicking.”

Who wouldn’t be panicking? Most people wouldn’t objectify their bodies while selling an item.

People found a way to poke fun at the situation. One user said: “Is all of the photos included in the purchase? It all looks neat and tidy.”

Another added: “Hello, I’m looking for a complete breakdown of the parts that come with the Ninja. Also, do you have a close-up photo of the last photo part? Thank you.”

Jones attempted to defend her actions by explaining: “It was a picture of the ‘before’ the diet I started. I took the photo the day before. I uploaded the ad using my mobile phone, so I think I accidentally tapped it while scrolling to select the photo.”

Jones deleted the ad, and she is hesitant to post future ads on a public platform.

Unfortunately for the enthusiastic ad viewers, the offer is off the market. The model is not an included feature with the appliance.

Stay tuned for other unique product listings.


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