Neighbor Confuses Old Trampoline for Elderly Man


Being a good neighbor means checking on those around you, even if they might not be real people. Damien Webster had a similar experience when he went to help an old man, only to find out it wasn’t an elderly man in need of assistance, but an old trampoline.

One morning, Webster left his house and thought he saw another man leaning on a wall. Thinking nothing of it, he went back inside. When he went back outside a few hours later, the ‘man’ was still standing there.

At first, Damien shouted over, but after receiving no response, he then went to check if the man was okay. Turns out, it was just a pile of netting and metal from an old trampoline one of his neighbors was throwing away.

Damien recounted the experience on Facebook: “I came out the house at 5 AM to check if the car was frozen and I saw this bloke leaning on a wall with a walking stick. I thought he must be out of breath.

“I just came out the door now at 6:40 AM and he’s still there.”

“I shouted, ‘mate you alright?’ then got no reply so I walked down the road to check on him. And it’s a smashed trampoline net hanging over the wall.”

Damien’s post has received over 10,000 comments, with many also believing the pile of trash could have been a man, especially in the early hours of the morning.


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