Neighbor Signs for $370 Delivery Only to Claim They Don’t Have the Packages


Awaiting a delivery can be extremely anxious if you’re not able to be home when it arrives. This was the case for one woman who is upset after a neighbor signed for her packages only to keep them for herself instead of giving them to their rightful owner.

Mia took to her TikTok account to rant about the mixup. In the video, she explains that a package of hers was delivered to her neighbor’s address by mistake. The package consisted of a laundry hamper and new bedding worth around $370, something the neighbor must have needed and decided to keep.

The courier who delivered the parcel took two photos: one of the neighbor accepting the package and one of the empty step, which is how Mia was able to tell it was her neighbor’s apartment.

After confronting the neighbor, Mia was told that her packages weren’t there and that she never signed for them despite Mia having proof that wasn’t the case. She went back to her apartment and confirmed she had the right apartment and that her neighbor was definitely the one who signed for the delivery.

Still concerned with the location of her parcels and too afraid to go back to the neighbor, Mia sent her boyfriend over to ask again. This time, the neighbor admitted to signing for the delivery “but I just left it outside. I didn’t take it inside, and now it’s gone.”

Mia has since posted an update about the situation and has now received her packages. Was the neighbor trying to frame someone else? We’ll never know.


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