Never Give Yourself a DIY Haircut


Many people have experimented with cutting their own hair before but this is a sign to book a haircut appointment instead of doing it yourself. A person was left in tears after their attempt at a fringe haircut went horribly wrong.

Steph Dins posted on TikTok to show off their horrendous mistake. They confessed they had been using their eyebrows to measure how long their fringe should be but realized after they had already finished cutting that they were raising their brows the entire time.

When relaxed, the fringe skyrocketed halfway up their forehead, clearly not creating the do they really wanted. Dins was in near tears trying to explain the situation. “Yo I think I f***ed up, I cut my hair raising my eyebrows the whole time,” they said in the video.

To make matters even worse, Dins wrote a follow up comment saying that they were giving themselves a trim before a date they had later that night.

Thankfully, people in the comments offered kind words to the person clearly going through it after the disastrous do. One person said: “I know this isn’t what you intended, but it actually suits you. You can definitely pull it off.”

Another reminded Dins: “They’re gonna grow back! Time to embrace short bangs as Hayley Williams did for a rather long time.”


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